A day in the life of a factory worker

Inside our factory

What is it like to work in a textile factory?

Textile factories are often in the press for the wrong reasons and due to this we are often asked “What is it like to work in a textile factory?”.  In answer to this question we would like to share a story about ‘Amina’ she is not a real person but a symbol of a typical female worker at one of our factories.

Clearance Textiles is a leading distributor and manufacturer of textiles items.  We partner a number of factories in Bangladesh and are committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for our staff.

We recently invested a 50% share in a factory in Bangladesh.  The partnership has gone from strength to strength and as a way of saying thank you we have created a social co-operative.  Our intention is to one-day give our share back to the staff.  We have already given back 15% and currently working through the liabilities to make the factory financially secure so the staff can run the business by themselves.

Amina’s Day

6am    Amina starts her day.  To ensure the upkeep of her 3 children she looks forward to her working day at the textile factory and this work also provides the family’s main income.

7am    Work begins and on her arrival to the factory she is marked in the attendance register.

The factory offer safety and medical check-ups, so she finds most of the workers are lined up taking their vaccinations accordingly. She puts on her overalls and walks up to the finishing section of the textile factory where she is hired for her talents on the sewing machines.

The company offers many incentives for young mum’s and Amina and her colleagues enjoy a share of the profits the factory makes.

10am    An order for coloured towels they were working on is urgently required and the shipment date has been forwarded a week early – meaning it needs to leave by the end of the week.  Amina and her team take up the challenge and determined to beat the other girls in the other teams they set off working industriously for the next hour.  She and her team complete their task and the order was able to leave in time.
    The factory has organized a picnic for all their staff and workers to enjoy.  Amina and her colleagues enjoy all sorts of activities, including games, competitions and tug of war – a favourite of hers.

During the picnic Amina and her colleagues are rewarded a 20% increase in their earnings to recognise their hard work.

Elated after a happy and fulfilling day she heads for the journey home – thinking of the lovely meal she would be able to feed her children and mother.

The Elsatex Group’s factory in Bangladesh

We often hold fun days at our factory in Bangladesh…. below are some pictures.

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