Keep your towels in check this Summer!

We love check towels

It seems that everywhere you look at the moment someone is wearing a check pattern.  From high-end designs just off the catwalk, to more affordable designs found in your local high street, the trendy check is certainly here to stay.

As a leading towel manufacturer, we know we have to stay ahead of the game, which is why last year we introduced a check towel range to our collection.    These luxurious check towels come in three tempting colours; slate black and grey, beige and cream and finally the very cool navy and pale blue.  Each of the colours we think looks fabulous in bathrooms, spas or hotels and they also look pretty cool on a beach!

The new towels range is proving to be very popular with our customers too, so we urge you to send in your orders sooner rather than later.  The last thing any shop or wholesaler wants is to miss out on sales and we know that the fashion conscious public is just dying to get their hands on these trendy check towels.

Get your towels stocks in check and give us a ring today on 01634 719984, you can also take advantage of our very special promotion offer below!

Prices and sizes available:

Face Cloth  – 50p
Hand Towel – £2.40
Bath Towel  – £4.80
Bath Sheet – £8.20

All prices are exclusive of vat

If you would like to be the first to know when we have promotional offers, please do get in touch

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