Discounted Towels from around the World

As a family run company with over 15 years of experience supplying the retail market, the team at Clearance Textiles certainly know a thing or two about affordable textiles.

Our team of buyers frequently travel to Europe and Asia looking for new products to add to our growing range of affordable textiles.   We have built good long-term relationships with our suppliers and this has many benefits.  Firstly, we now know when new textiles are coming in to the market and secondly because we buy such large quantities of textiles we are able to get the cheapest price on these products and pass the discounts on to our clients.

High quality, low cost towels from Bangladesh

Our factory in Bangladesh produces the highest quality terry towelling products as well as linen, aprons and also bespoke textiles items.  We really do have the facilities and expertise to offer something for everyone here at Clearance Textiles. If you are looking for affordable textiles at wholesale prices do get in touch with us.

Diverse range of affordable textiles

Small, independent retailers and market traders are competing with their larger counterparts, all trying to offer their customers the best possible prices in this multi-million pound textile sector. By offering such a diverse range of affordable textiles Clearance Textiles can play a major part in helping the shopper save money.

We supply wholesale textiles such as; tea towels, bed linen, oven gloves, hand towels, beach towels, recycled towels, bed linen, bathrobes and bath towels. The sectors we supply are as diverse as; large, multiple store groups, market traders, small independent stores, discount stores and wholesalers.

We have new products arriving in to our warehouse daily so do get in touch to discuss how Clearance Textiles can help you deliver affordable textiles to your customers.

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