Recycled Towels at Clearance Textiles

What happens to the waste?

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of towelling products we are aware of the excess waste that occurs during the manufacturing process.  At Clearance Textiles we reduce the impact this waste has on the environment by recycling the yarn that has been left over from the various production runs.  We combine all the yarns together and turn it into bespoke recycled towels, therefore avoiding hundreds of tons of waste going to landfill!

Recycled Towels

With the UK population becoming more and more environmentally friendly our sales team have seen a huge increase in the need and also enthusiasm for the recycled towel.  Our clients love the fact that no two towels are ever the same and that,  with the help of our clever weaving process, our towels are actually becoming quite a trendy item and at a very affordable price.

We stock a number of eco-friendly towels, contact us now on 01634 719984 to find out more.