Elsatex spring boards apprentice to fame!

Working with apprentices

It’s been just over a year since our apprentice Terri-Jane Harris left the Elsatex Group (including Clearance Textiles and Victoria London Textiles) to travel the world.  Now back from a carefully planned four months round-the-world trip, we caught up with Terri-Jane to find out more about her successful and growing business ‘Terri Towelling’ which supplies hairdressing towels to salons across the UK.

After finishing her studies at MidKent College in Gillingham in 2013, she joined the Elsatex Group as a marketing apprentice. Fresh from college, Terri-Jane brought with her a variety of ideas and new skills, all welcomed by the growing Elsatex team. These included implementing new marketing strategies such as flyers, email campaigns, website development, brand identity.  On joining the team Terri-Jane said “While some of my peers stayed on in education, or went to university, I felt training in the work environment would benefit my personality more than further academic learning”.

During her first year at Elsatex Terri-Jane continued to hone her marketing skills and in 2014 entered the prestigious Kent Excellence in Business Awards (KEiBA’S).   She entered the Apprentice of the Year category, and was delighted to be selected as one of three finalists to go through to the gala awards evening.  Unfortunately she didn’t win the Apprenticeship of the Year award, but her infectious enthusiasm and commitment gained her great recognition within the county.

Hairdressing Towels

With the travelling bug behind her for the time being, Terri-Jane has now taken back the lead at Terri Towelling, a company she set up while working at Elsatex.   The company is now growing from strength to strength and is currently selling over 3000 hairdressing towels a month!  The majority of sales are from her Ebay on-line store and the future sets to be bright for Terri-Jane.  With her confidence growing she is looking to add new ranges to her collection, and also working on ways to expand this niche but successful business.

As a leading supplier of hairdressing towels, the Elsatex Group are still very much part of Terri-Jane’s road to success.  We supply Terri Towelling with all its towelling requirements and will continue to develop new products for the hairdressing market.  We currently stock a number of colours that are appearing in salons across the UK, including; Hot Pink, Navy, Grey, Beige as well as the bleach proof range of towels.

We love working with Terri-Jane and hope this young entrepreneur continues to gain recognition within her field and look forward to partnering her in projects for many years to come.

We stock the Hot Pink Towel!

Luxury pink towels added to the Victoria London

Designed by Victoria London is a luxury textile brand owned by our parent company Elsatex Ltd.  It offers high end affordable textile products to the retail market.  They have recently launched the desirable Hot Pink Towel to their range, we think it is brightens up a dull August day so wanted to share it with our customers.

Pink towels

We understand that pink is not the colour for everyone, but followers of fashion are going to have to get used to it, as this autumn the fashion retailers will be filling their rails with many different shades of pink!  To coincide with the latest colour trend we have just launched the first Victoria London Hot Pink Luxury towel.

Pink is the new colour for Autumn 15

In colour psychology pink represent compassion, nurturing and love.  It allows a women to feel feminine and romantic and also gives a sign of hope. It is currently the colour of choice for many high achieving women and discovery websites such as pinterest are full of ideas and projects on how to work with the many shades of pink.

As a leading manufacturer of luxury towels, our design team are reactive to new trends and can offer a large spectrum of possibilities with colour.  This also includes the ability to dye towels to clients specific needs.

Luxury towels at Victoria London

We are working on a number of colour schemes to add to the Victoria London towel range and so far have been delighted with the results.   Last week a container arrived from our factory in Bangladesh with the new edition to the range – this sensuous luxury hot pink towel.

With the autumn months not far away, this towel is certainly going to brighten up any bathroom, spa hotel, beauty saloon, shop window as well as your mood.  This eye catching bright pink towel is also a great way to attract more customers to your store.

So whether you are a retailer or wholesaler who want to add a touch of class to your business at an affordable price, then do get in touch on 01634 719984


A day in the life of a factory worker

What is it like to work in a textile factory?

Textile factories are often in the press for the wrong reasons and due to this we are often asked “What is it like to work in a textile factory?”.  In answer to this question we would like to share a story about ‘Amina’ she is not a real person but a symbol of a typical female worker at one of our factories.

Clearance Textiles is a leading distributor and manufacturer of textiles items.  We partner a number of factories in Bangladesh and are committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for our staff.

We recently invested a 50% share in a factory in Bangladesh.  The partnership has gone from strength to strength and as a way of saying thank you we have created a social co-operative.  Our intention is to one-day give our share back to the staff.  We have already given back 15% and currently working through the liabilities to make the factory financially secure so the staff can run the business by themselves.

Amina’s Day

6am    Amina starts her day.  To ensure the upkeep of her 3 children she looks forward to her working day at the textile factory and this work also provides the family’s main income.

7am    Work begins and on her arrival to the factory she is marked in the attendance register.

The factory offer safety and medical check-ups, so she finds most of the workers are lined up taking their vaccinations accordingly. She puts on her overalls and walks up to the finishing section of the textile factory where she is hired for her talents on the sewing machines.

The company offers many incentives for young mum’s and Amina and her colleagues enjoy a share of the profits the factory makes.

10am    An order for coloured towels they were working on is urgently required and the shipment date has been forwarded a week early – meaning it needs to leave by the end of the week.  Amina and her team take up the challenge and determined to beat the other girls in the other teams they set off working industriously for the next hour.  She and her team complete their task and the order was able to leave in time.
    The factory has organized a picnic for all their staff and workers to enjoy.  Amina and her colleagues enjoy all sorts of activities, including games, competitions and tug of war – a favourite of hers.

During the picnic Amina and her colleagues are rewarded a 20% increase in their earnings to recognise their hard work.

Elated after a happy and fulfilling day she heads for the journey home – thinking of the lovely meal she would be able to feed her children and mother.

The Elsatex Group’s factory in Bangladesh

We often hold fun days at our factory in Bangladesh…. below are some pictures.

Affordable Textiles

Discounted Towels from around the World

As a family run company with over 15 years of experience supplying the retail market, the team at Clearance Textiles certainly know a thing or two about affordable textiles.

Our team of buyers frequently travel to Europe and Asia looking for new products to add to our growing range of affordable textiles.   We have built good long-term relationships with our suppliers and this has many benefits.  Firstly, we now know when new textiles are coming in to the market and secondly because we buy such large quantities of textiles we are able to get the cheapest price on these products and pass the discounts on to our clients.

High quality, low cost towels from Bangladesh

Our factory in Bangladesh produces the highest quality terry towelling products as well as linen, aprons and also bespoke textiles items.  We really do have the facilities and expertise to offer something for everyone here at Clearance Textiles. If you are looking for affordable textiles at wholesale prices do get in touch with us.

Diverse range of affordable textiles

Small, independent retailers and market traders are competing with their larger counterparts, all trying to offer their customers the best possible prices in this multi-million pound textile sector. By offering such a diverse range of affordable textiles Clearance Textiles can play a major part in helping the shopper save money.

We supply wholesale textiles such as; tea towels, bed linen, oven gloves, hand towels, beach towels, recycled towels, bed linen, bathrobes and bath towels. The sectors we supply are as diverse as; large, multiple store groups, market traders, small independent stores, discount stores and wholesalers.

We have new products arriving in to our warehouse daily so do get in touch to discuss how Clearance Textiles can help you deliver affordable textiles to your customers.

Tel: 01634 297134

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