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Are you beach ready?

We can help you prepare with summer weather that is rapidly approaching. Soon everyone will be out trying to buy everything they need for the beach. The most important thing on that list is beach towels! We have put together the ultimate Victoria London collection with two incredible new arrivals…

The New Arrivals

Our first new arrival is the VL Hammam Turkish Style Towel. This grand product has been designed with two soft colours; white and blue to ensure that you can be completely relaxed and soothed. This towel can be used for many purposes, whether that’s to be used as a comfortable blanket or as a towel to dry yourself off with. It’s available in two different sizes which are 70 x 150cm and 70 x 140cm, with only a slight difference in price!

The second new arrival is the VL 550 GSM Anchor Beach Towel with A Tassel Fringe. With a sea theme, the deep blue background and white anchors is perfect for a day out at the beach! Like the VL Hammam Turkish Style Towel, it is also available in the same two sizes of 70 x 150cm and 70 x 140cm. The 550 GSM guarantees a luxuriously thick texture, making it a very comfortable towel to lay on. Additionally to this, the absorbent nature of the towel will soak up the moisture of your body in no time! Proving it to be a good buy for when you want to go swimming.

The Original Range

If that isn’t enough, also in this range we have the VL Chlorine Resistant Pool Towels that come in 3 different colour combinations! The chlorine resistant feature makes sure that the dye doesn’t run, leaving the towel looking perfectly new.

Then the VL Striped Velour Beach Towels comes in 2 different colour combinations and sizes. The fact that it is velour enforces its soft delicacy and ease to wash – ideal for a day out on the beach because after you can easily brush off the sand.

Our last two products in the beach range are both made from recycled yarn, helping to save the environment. The VL Yarn Dyed Multi Stripe Beach Towel is a wonderful and eco-friendly product that come in a varity of colours. Each towel is unique due to the recycled yarn available. The VL Yarn Dyed Multi Stripe Beach Towel with a Zipped Pocket is an amazing addition to your summer list! With a zipped pocket, the towel allows a safe place to put objects like your phone in whilst you go for a paddle in the sea.

Please contact us now to know more on 01634 297 134. Or, click here to be referred to our brochure where you can have a look at all of our products, including these towels!

Credit/written by Hannah Thornton

Why Use a Mattress Protector?

The Benefits Of A Mattress Protector

You could be buying a new mattress or using the same one for a while either way and wondering if you should get a mattress protector. Mattress protectors are seen as not a necessity and can be over looked. Lets get the record straight: mattress protectors are compulsory to prolong the quality, enhance the comfort of your mattress and keep your sleep environment hygienic. For these reasons we think everyone, no matter the size of the bed should have one. Which is why we have added even more sizes to our range. There are several reasons as to why a mattress protector would be a good idea and this blog aims to highlight those reasons.

Making your Mattress Last Longer

The main and obvious benefit of a mattress protector is that it can be removed and washed for a consistently fresh sleep surface (as washing your entire mattress is a pretty hard!) Having a protector there will prolong the life of your mattress without a doubt. It acts as a barrier and will absorb and catch any moisture which it comes in contact with, especially waterproof mattress protectors.

Protecting Against Allergens

Your mattress will harbour allergens such as dust mites and animal dander that can build up. This can be a big problem with people with allergies and respiratory conditions. Having a mattress protector as a barrier that can be washed regularly will prevent them reaching or becoming embedded into your mattress, ensuring a much cleaner sleeping environment.

Saving You from Bed Bugs

Unfortunately bed bugs are a common issue when maintaining a healthy sleep environment. These creepy-crawlies are very unpleasant and leave bite marks on innocent sleepers, which can be quite painful. Using a mattress protector and washing it regularly is probably the best way of preventing bed bugs.

Now to chose the right mattress protector for you. We have sizes starting at single right through to super king including small double, also a cot bed one too. Not to mention we have a selection of sizes in waterproof protectors as well. While you are at it you may as well protect your pillowcases as well with our pillowcase protectors that are available.

Call 01634 297 134 for a quote now.

Comfort, Relaxation, Indulgence… Opulence Zero Twist Towels

Elsatex are soon to release a whole new class of towels, Opulence Zero Twist Towels.

There’s no such thing as a towel being too soft but we think we have come close. Our best ever towel, luxuriously plush at 600GSM. Our zero twist towels are so supremely soft, definitely will not disappoint. Brilliantly absorbent they’re like magic, makes for the perfect towel in a busy bathroom or for lavish lounging. A must have for your home or they would make a perfect gift this Christmas.

What’s special about the Opulence Zero Twist towels?

Well, in a zero twist towel the fibres used aren’t spun in the typical way. They are not twisted before they are weaved like a classic towel. This creates a larger surface area which allows the fibres to absorb moisture more easily. Zero twist fabrics can only be constructed from long, staple yarn achieving a very absorbent, fast drying and insulating towel. Giving the guarantee you surely will be investing in a high quality product.

The Opulence range consists of three contemporary colours that will suit any bathroom which are Charcoal Grey, Champagne Cream and Chrystal White.Dimensions: Bath Sheet 150 x 90cm | Bath Towel 130 x 70cm | Hand Towel 85 x 50cm | Face Cloth 30 x 30cm.

Arriving at the beginning of November, not long now.

We are so confident that you will love them that we are offering to send a free sample to any enquiries. Don’t hesitate call now on 01634 297 134 or email

Elsatex offer support to Kent charity

Elsatex help YouCan Youth Cancer Support

Last year Kent saw the launch of YouCan Youth Cancer Support, an amazing charity that support young people whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

YouCan have just opened their incredible new holiday home, Hinton House in Westgate on Sea, which will offer holiday breaks to young people, their family and friends.   The home has been refurbished to a very high standard and being just five minutes walk from the beach, will give young people a chance to have some time away from their day-to-day lives and the enormous stress and anxiety of living with cancer.

We found out about the refurbishment through a friend and jumped at the chance to help YouCan with final touches to the soft furnishings.  They had already received bed linen by another sponsor, so we thought as the house is by the sea maybe they would like some luxurious bath/beach towels.

We presented the towels at the house launch and as you can see the check beach towels fitted perfectly with the colour scheme and were greatly received by Natalie Tegg, Head of Fundraising at YouCan.  The house launch was a great success and we also got to meet YouCan ambassadors; BBC journalist Victoria Derbyshire and Radio DJ Dave Berry, who were there to cut the ribbon and officially open the house!

Colin Thacker, Founder and Trustee of YouCan said at the house launch, “Hinton House represents a significant step forward not just for the organisation itself but also in the provision of support and care for young people and their families, who have been impacted by cancer. This is a long overdue and very much needed facility that we expect to be occupied for the majority of the year by those who have been referred by their care professionals.

The fact remains that post-treatment support for younger people is vital to help them to return to a ’normal life’ – YouCan strives to achieve this through bespoke support programmes and the respite house, as well as offering support to those where treatment is no longer a viable option.  We make no charge for our services so donations are always welcomed however small or large, in order for us to be able to continue with our support work.

As well as offering short breaks, YouCan provide wellbeing weekends, counselling, therapy sessions and fitness and nutrition workshops.  They are unique in that know one else offers such services anywhere in the South East.

If you would like to find out more about the YouCan respite house please go to their website